by Author-Illustrator Mauro Di Palma

I'm Mauro Thank you for checking out the site,

I love all things canvas related, ranging from the more "Traditional" side of Oil Painting and Sculpture all the way to the other Digital side of the Art spectrum, cartoons, animation, comics, picture books, illustration, etc.

I find myself mixing the two up, and although both worlds are really different, they blend perfectly. I enjoy writing/drawing stories and vignettes as I think in words and pictures.

So, thanks again for stopping by, I hope you come back as I upload more content

Oh! and almost forgot, I consider myself Arthur Rackham's disciple, I'm a non-practicing piscis, like pina coladas (like the song) and do not enjoy walks on the beach =)

for inquiries: iammaurodipalma@gmail     .com